Glass – a liquid used to hold liquid.

Art. Skill. Patience. Pyromania.

Hot Liquid Glass. Smoking Wooden Blocks. Melted Wax Dripping off Steel Tools. Glassblowing is part ballet, part adrenaline, part heartbreak but pure intensity.


Blowing glass has never been more available than today. The art was once a secretive trade only handed down from master to apprentice. Now most public and private studios offer workshops and make your own experiences.


From garages to museum studios glassblowers of ranging ability and vision create functional glassware and one of kind pieces for sale at Galleries, Craft Shows, Gift Shops, Etsy etc.


Celebrity glass artists and upcoming glassmaking stars command the finest galleries and installation spaces. As with any medium there are the elites who have risen out of the standard gallery and craft world and are putting out thought provoking and visually striking work.

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Lee Kind has been a glassblowing experience enthusiast for over 30 years and encourages everyone to take a dip.

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